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Our Mission 


It is called a trend that a design is reproduced as a number of replicas that are well received by the public. L2S [Design Trend leading Strategy] begins with constant market research and data analysis. Based on this, we distinguish the difference between old-fashioned elements of design heritage and practices that have been verified for a long time, adding a completely different sense of stability and familiarity. The human-centered design sensibility, provides a space where you want to continue to find and stay together for a long time like a fountain pen that you get used to as you write.


The L2S design know-how accumulated through various projects becomes a reality by competent field engineers. Smooth finish and undisturbed joints are traditions and philosophies that have continued since the establishment of L2S, and we are not complacent and prepare for a bigger leap forward. We will become a convergence utility company that satisfies design sensibility and reason of construction by arranging dedicated research personnel for developing design props and materials, outsourcing production lines, and securing stable production-distribution lines.

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